Pasta  e Vino

will be on 

 Summer Hours

Tues 4:00--8:00

Wed 4:00--8:00

Thurs 4:00--8:00

Fri  12:00--9:00

Sat  4:00--9:00

closed  Sunday's  for  the 

summer. If you like to book

large party on Sunday

call  Tommaso   

thank you.

August 12th -  Sept 4th

We'll be on vacation






So a lot of my cooking skills come from my  family background,Calabria Italy all you need is the desire and passion to cook,and the more I learned,the more passionate I became.So to be Italian rich or poor,is to celebrate food;food is a centerpiece of my Italian culture.So you don't have to be Italian to make great food, all you need is the desire to enjoy great food. 


                       Bon Apetito,

                          Chef Tommaso